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SoftLayer gives you the highest performing cloud infrastructure available. One platform with data centers around the world with the widest range of cloud computing options, integrated and automated through a private network and management system. Virtual and physical. Public and private. Hourly and monthly. Our unified platform provides cloud infrastructure at Internet scale. What you want, deployed on demand and in real time. That's cloud without compromise. It starts with our data centers in the U.S., Asia, and Europe. Each is built to the same demanding spec, and each device — from servers to power strips — is connected to a single, integrated management system. That lets us automate deployment and control of the entire platform (bare metal as well as virtual) and extend that control to you through one web portal and API for on-demand scalability and management.


SoftLayer Cloud Migration Service

The SoftLayer Cloud Migration Service provides services customers need to easily migrate applications and their associated data, or workloads, to the SoftLayer Cloud. This includes nearly any x86 server including bare metal and virtual servers using any hypervisor. Ingram will provide project management and engineering services to validate migration candidates, plan the migration, provision the target environment and migrate the workloads to the cloud. The process is completed with data synchronization and end-user testing.

Statement of Work (SOW) Download Datasheet
Value Proposition to Resellers
  • Large scope of platform support
  • Ensure proper migration
  • Cross-platform migration
  • Bi-directional support
  • Integrate with/complement own pro-services
  • White-label services and collateral
  • Save time (on average 50% vs. manual migration)

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Pricing (flat fee pricing up to 25 workloads)

A workload consists of a single virtual machine or bare metal server.

Data size is cumulative, not per workload; so 5 workloads include 500 GB data transfer.

Setup $1750
Each Workload including 100 GB Data $750
Additonal 100 GB Data $100

Example: Three physical servers will be migrated. Two of them have a total of 9 virtual machines with a total of 550 GB of data. The third is a bare metal SQL Server with 150 GB of data.

Setup $1750 x 1 $1750
Workloads x 10
(9 VMs + 1 bare metal)
$750 x 10 $7500
Total Data 700 GB of 1 TB available No additional charge 0
PRICING 10 Workloads $9250
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